Secret Walls X Aotearoa

Auckland, New Zealand

"Nobody lives and breathes event management like Svenja. This Berlin born master of organisation has been in the trade for almost 10 years, 8 of which she worked as a freelance event director for her own agency STOLZENBACH. Whilst throwing a marathon, finding sponsors, managing the acts and setting up the stage, Svenja still had the verve and energy to finish her studies of economics & philosophy at the University Essen (Germany) with a Bachelor of Arts.


Svenja maps each process needed to ensure our events run as planned and deliver on time, every step of the way. More importantly she is there for our Floor Manager to allow that to happen live!   While she hates fizzy drinks, she now loves L&P!" (

Battle #2

Battle #1


Eventmanager bei BCC Unternehmensberatung GmbH in Frankkfurt.


Svenja Stolzenbach


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